Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

This year, rather than buying a generic Valentine's Day gift, pick up something meaningful for the person you love! I have some ideas to get you started :)Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This year, instead of running out to the store at the last minute and picking up a generic gift of chocolate and flowers select one of these gifts with a little more meaning.

These gifts are perfect for your BFF, significant other, family member, or any valentine.

1.Have an Experience Together

Book a couples massage, check out the local brewery you have had on your list, take a cooking class, or go for a hike. The key is doing something new and fun together! Making memories together keeps you connected!

2. Perform an Act of Kindness

We know the people we love well. We know the things that drive them crazy and the little day-to-day tasks that just grind their gears. Identify a few of those things and do them! I hate pumping gas, doing laundry, and unloading the dishwasher. Anytime Jeff does these things for me it fills my love tank!

Think of some special things your valentine would really appreciate and love! Go out and get them their favorite latte, cook them a meal and do the dishes, or clean the house while they curl up with a good book. The key is identifying things that he/she will value.

3. Gift Something They Wouldn’t Buy Themselves

Some ideas to get you started:

4. Write a Heartfelt Note

Never underestimate the power of saying how you feel. Tell your person what you love about them and how much they mean to you. There’s nothing like getting a hand-written card from someone you love!

Now go out and make your Valentine’s Day Dreams come true! Jeff, if you’re reading this—-I want to watch You’ve Got Mail and eat ice cream on the couch.

Spread the love y’all!

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