My Travel Guide to the Upper Peninsula

A travel guide to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Included are things to do and eat along the way in Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, and Tahquamenon Falls.You are reading part 3 of my Northern Michigan travel guides. You can read part 1 (Petoskey and Harbor Springs) here and part 2 (Mackinac Island) here.

The second half of our trip took us to the Upper Peninsula. My parents grew up going to/working at a camp in the Upper Peninsula. We have heard tons of camp stories over the years and always have been interested in visiting this part of the state. Our first stop was the camp, naturally! My dad has always told a story about how they played “couples volleyball” and had to hold hands during the entire game. He says he has loved her since, even if she wasn’t as interested—-haha! 

Guide to the Upper Peninsula:

Visit Tahquamenon Falls: There are two parts to the falls, upper and lower. We visited both—they are about a 10-minute drive away from each other. You can hike to them, I believe it’s about a 4-mile hike if you want to go from one to the other by foot. If you do drive, there are well-marked and paved trails to get you from the parking area to the actual falls. At the lower falls, you can rent row boats to get an up close view. While there, we kept saying “we can’t believe this is in Michigan”—you really do feel like you are somewhere else. Information here 

Tour the Soo Locks (Sault Ste. Marie): We took a boat tour of the locks and it was really fun! My dad tried to explain to us what these were for like 15 minutes and I was not getting it—being on the boat and feeling yourself be lowered and raised as you pass through the different bodies of water was very cool. You also get some cool views of Canada and historical buildings along the way. Kids who love ships/boats would love this. Tour info here. After your tour, be sure to check out Karl’s Cuisine Winery and Brewery for a great bite to eat–info here

Visit Pictured Rocks (Munising): There is a reason Pictured Rocks is always featured in those “Pure Michigan” commercials. I could practically hear Tim Allen whispering “escape….to Pure Michigan” in my ear during our boat tour. The best view you are going to get of these rock formations is from the water. We took a 2.5-hour boat tour out of Munising. Things to know: buy your tickets ahead of time, get there an hour early to get in line so you can have  a view from the top, you can bring food, bring a jacket–I was a little chilly, and on the way out to the rocks one side of the boat gets the best views—-on the return– the other side gets the better view—you will get an opportunity to take good pictures. Link for tickets and boat tour information here. If we had more time I would have liked to explore more of the hiking trails in the area and the beaches you can kayak from….info about that here. 

Beach it at Presque Isle Park (Marquette): After Pictured Rocks we headed over to Marquette. Marquette totally blew us away, we did not expect such a cool and scenic town. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do there but it was recommended to us to visit. My dad discovered Presque Isle Park on an early morning drive and recommended we go. We picked up some beach chairs and headed there. It was awesome, seriously some of the best beach views I have ever had. The water is freezing but crystal clear. Make sure to follow the Peter White Drive loop to get to the beach.  Grab something to eat at the Vierling or Iron Bay, both have awesome food and drinks. 

Additional info about activities in the Upper Peninsula here.

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Our time in the UP went by so fast, there are many other things I would like to do…what can’t I miss on my next trip? Leave me a note in the comments!