Loving Lately-June


Summer is here! I’m so excited for summer trips, recipes, books, clothes, and more. I love everything about this time of year and I have highlighted the special things that I have been loving lately just for you!

  1. Summer wear: This lipstick– shop here. It goes on very easily and leaves a matte finish that I love. I have it in two shades- Zurich and Sao Paulo. The best part is the price-only $6!
  2. Summer Watch:  The Keepers on Netflix. This seven-part true crime documentary follows two women on a search for the truth of what happened to their beloved teacher. I was hooked from episode one. Warning this show may not be for the faint of heart–some survivors of abuse recount their experiences and it can be very upsetting/troubling.

    Photo: IMDB
  3. Summer Eat: Cowboy Caviar— this is one of my favorite summer recipes. It’s so simple and incredibly delicious. I have made variations of this recipe over the years and it really is one of those things you can’t mess up! Here is a link to one recipe here. If you are lazy like me chop up 2-3 bell peppers, a small red onion, 2-3 Roma tomatoes, add a can of rinsed black beans, a can of corn, and then drizzle your favorite dressing over top (I like a citrus vinaigrette or Italian dressing). Serve with tortilla chips–enjoy!

    Photo and linked recipe from Culinaryhill.com
  4. Summer Listen: The Popcast Episode 145: Celebrity Feuds. I have shared the Popcast on my loving lately lists before but I wanted to give them another shout out because I believe this podcast is the perfect summer road trip companion. Knox and Jamie are funny, smart, and extremely opinionated—you’ll find yourself talking back to your stereo (stereo–is that a thing people still say?) and laughing by yourself. Their list of starter episodes is here, 145 is one of my favorites but really all the episodes are fabulous.

    Photo: Knoxandjamie.com

What have you been loving lately? Drop me a note in the comments 🙂