Camping at Cumberland Falls

Hi, Friends!

It’s been so long since I have written a blog post. May was an absolutely crazy month but I am hoping to get back into my regular writing groove!

Today I wanted to share with you about one of the latest adventures I went on over Memorial Day weekend. Jeff and I and several of our college friends met up in Corbin, Kentucky and camped at Cumberland Falls State Park.

Jeff and I arrived at the campground around 10:30 on Friday night (it’s about a 6.5 hour drive). We all set up our campsites and sat around the campfire.

On Saturday morning, we had a great breakfast (thank you Ben and Hanna) and then headed to the falls and hiking trails.  The hiking trails were so much fun to explore. One of us may have claimed to see a bear sleeping in a cave that turned out to be a rock but it was an adventure nonetheless!

That afternoon the boys went fishing while the girls stayed back at the camp and hung out. One of the best items that was brought along camping was by our friend, Ben. It was a canopy that we could all sit comfortably under. We knew that rain Saturday evening was likely so we decided to sit underneath it and enjoy the evening.

So it started raining lightly and we were commenting how awesome this canopy was and how comfortable we were underneath it. Our mood and this evening really are best represented by gifs.

Us under the canopy:

But then THE RAIN CAME. No exaggeration, it began raining sideways. Things went south fast.

I believe “save yourselves” was yelled at least once. I made a mad dash for shelter, assuming everyone was behind me I climbed in the backseat of a friends’ car. Of course, the car was full of camping gear so I literally was just laying on stuff and dripping wet.

Eventually, we all reconvened in the creepy laundry room and decided to just call it a night. Fortunately, no one’s tent leaked too bad so we all stayed dry.

Sunday was a beautiful day weather-wise. We went on a white water rafting trip on the Cumberland River, I don’t have any pictures from our trip because I didn’t want to risk getting my phone wet :/. We had an awesome time though! Jeff and I’s river guide was also a Special Education teacher but being a river guide is her summer gig-so cool!

After rafting, we made dinner and hung out at the campsite for the rest of the night. It was so nice being able to catch up with friends we don’t get to see nearly enough. 

Overall, it was an awesome weekend but I definitely learned a few things along the way. These may be obvious to you seasoned campers but I’m still learning so cut me some slack.

  • Bring extra clothes

Sometimes you have limited space when you are camping and that can make this tricky but if you can sneak some clothing options into your bag. It was nice to have a combination of short sleeve, long sleeve, and sleeveless shirts. The temperature was a bit up and down so it was nice to have different things to change into.

Also, I am obsessed with my Chacos—worth every penny. I made fun of them for years but then I jumped on the bandwagon and now I am a proud Chaco wearer. I couldn’t find my exact pair online but I just stalked their website and there are so many cute ones to choose from. You can customize any pair with tons of different strap prints!

  • Bring clothes you don’t care about

This one goes along with the first but it’s a good idea to bring clothes that aren’t important to you, especially if you are sitting around a campfire. My clothes (and hair) smelled like smoke for days after.

  • Have a rain back up plan

On Saturday night our weather app was showing a chance of rain all day and night on Sunday. We talked extensively about what we could do if it did rain and some ideas that were tossed around involved finding a movie theater or bowling alley. If your weather shows a chance of rain I would recommend researching some things in the area you can do if it does rain, that way you aren’t stuck trying to figure it out in the moment.

  • Go with the flow

Have fun and don’t get bent out of shape about the small stuff. Yes, we may have been caught in a thunderstorm and yes, I may have looked like a fourteen-year-old boy the entire weekend (hello, air-dried hair and no makeup) but it was so much fun! If you have a positive attitude and are up for anything I guarantee a good time.

I am so excited to plan our next camping trip. Do you have any camping tips for me? Drop me a note in the comments!