Embracing the Imperfect

I’ve been thinking a lot about the pursuit of perfection lately. Specifically, the role that social media plays in my life. I have always enjoyed taking a peek into people’s lives via their social media account. For the most part, I would say I have a healthy relationship with it. I am able to separate what’s real and what is not fairly easily but I do find myself sometimes comparing my life to others.

It’s very easy to spend a few minutes online and log off hating your wardrobe, your job, your home, etc.

I don’t feel this way very often, but it does happen.

Today’s post is a defense of imperfection. I am guilty of wanting to make my life look picture perfect but that’s just not real.

Some days my house is clean, my lunch is made, my hair is working, and I think I look pretty put together.

Other days–like yesterday morning—my hair is in a ponytail and I’m eating tortilla chips in the car for breakfast and that’s fine!

I say all this not to shame people for putting their “best” self on social media—-I am guilty of this too. I’m just asking that we all recognize that what we see online is usually not the whole truth.

My truth is there are currently clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, and a pile of papers I have been adding to daily for two months. I worked out for the first time in four months this week and I’m so sore–and I may not work out again this week, let me live.

We purposely don’t share the ugly and hard parts of our life because we think people don’t want to see that but maybe we need to sometimes. There are people who are struggling with tough stuff and there is something so powerful about the  “you too?” realization, it makes us feel less alone.

Here’s an ugly and hard part of my life–food poisoning on a plane flying home from Jamaica #glamorous


In case you need to hear it today–your value is not measured by the number of likes or followers you get. 

So now if you’re ever scrolling my instagram and you see a lovely flatlay of a cup of coffee, my computer, and some flowers just know that out of view of the camera there is a whole mess I’m not documenting and that’s my truth.

Now, I can flippantly say right now I’m done comparing myself to others online, I’m done getting sucked into the fake images I see but that’s much easier said than done. All I can say right now is that I’m going to try to give myself a little more grace and embrace the mess that is my life sometimes. I am perfectly imperfect and that’s more than okay.





23 thoughts on “Embracing the Imperfect

  1. Love this and love you. You are always so wise and keep me grounded. Wish we could take a bike ride or walk every night like we used to and talk more about this <3

  2. Especially love this post, Mere! Your writing has such voice, I feel like I’m holding a conversation with you when reading and that makes your message just that much more relatable. Thanks for the reminder and “breath of fresh air” in such a negativity-laden cyber world!

    1. I love when people do that!!! Brings a smile to my face and makes everyone seem more relatable 🙂

  3. This is SO true, except with me. I share the ugly, because most of the time it’s funny. And I know other moms can relate.

  4. I know what you mean I often don’t share the not so good times in my life on social media, not because I’m being fake but because I don’t want people to think I’m asking for pity or for them to feel sorry for me .

  5. I love this post! It is so true, we can’t be on our A game all of the time, it’s just not realistic and to be perfectly honest I think imperfection is beautiful!

  6. Some days I feel like I’m totally in control and then one thing happens that invokes chaos. I try to embrace it or laugh at it because those are the days I remember more than the perfect ones.

  7. The Japanese call this Wabi Sabi. I think you would really enjoy reading more about this. PS. I don’t know if it is me or not, but I can barely read the words I am typing. The font color is almost white.

  8. It is so hard to let go of perfection sometimes, even when can see that we aren’t, letting it go can really hurt! I def needed this post today!

  9. Behind the scenes I’m just a mom getting through each day. I am a hot mess most days, and i HONESTLY don’t care. I’ve started embracing it all too, even in public!

  10. This is such a great post! I know that social media can make us feel like everyone has a perfect life, so it is good to be open about difficulties!

  11. That’s what we keep forgetting. That our life is not measured by the likes and hearts that we get from social media sites and that everyone’s life is not as perfect as they display it in their accounts.

  12. I literally left piles of flour and salt dough on the kitchen table b/c I didn’t have time to clean it up before shuffling my kids off to swim lessons. The perfectionist in me was cringing, but the mom in me knew it would all get cleaned up eventually! lol

  13. I love this post. It’s such a great reminder to not make things so perfect all the time especially in this online space. Love it 🙂

  14. Love this idea! Especially as bloggers, we can want everything perfect all the time. It’s important to let that go…everytime we chase perfection, we ignore the awesome things that are in front of us right now.

  15. I love this. You’re right. We have to let go of the perfection and remember that life is imperfect. I’m guilty of pushing things to the side so I can take the “perfect” picture.

  16. I totally know what you mean! It’s so hard to not compare ourselves to what we see on social media! Also, being sick on a plane is the,. worst!

  17. I also put my average photos in my stories. Not everything is perfect and IG has become such so high-maintenance lately. I am pretty much a mess most of the time.

  18. It is great to follow people whose lives seem perfect, but I especially like to read posts about the imperfect parts of life because it lets you know that it’s normal! Sorry about your food poisoning on a plane, that is terrible.

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