Loving Lately- April

The post-spring break slump is real people! Coming back from a break is always hard as a teacher but especially coming back from spring break. There are about 9 more weeks of school and you can tell everyone is just itching for summer.

What’s helping me get through the rest of the school year? These 5 things that I am loving lately!

  1. This Jacket shop here. I wore this every single day in Europe. It’s the perfect spring jacket. It has tons of pockets which I absolutely loved for traveling. I was able to not carry a purse most places because it had so many interior pockets inside of the jacket. It’s waterproof in light rain—think: if you get caught in a thunderstorm the jacket starts to absorb some water but in the typical light rain the water rolls off.

2. Houzz.com  As a brand new homeowner (whaaaat??? Check it out here) I have been on the hunt for decor inspiration and houzz.com is the bomb! It has tons of beautiful photos, links to everything (furniture, lighting, fixtures, etc.), and lots of great tips!

3. Black Bean Salsa Veggie Burgers- recipe here

photo: veggieinspired.com

These were so easy to make and absolutely delicious. They are a perfect weeknight meal!

4. This 

Things have been pretty crazy at work lately. I find myself getting home from work and feeling drained with very little energy to do the things I normally enjoy doing: reading, writing, and cooking.  This week my goal is schedule time after work for myself, time to do the things that energize me and bring me joy. I may even try to work out—maybe. I feel so much better when I am taking the time to do things that recharge me instead of just wasting my evenings on the couch.


I hope you have an amazing and productive week!

What are you loving lately? Drop me a note in the comments! 

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  1. Hi sweet girl, loved this blog, love the jacket & im gonna try that web site about decorating…love the recipes…take some time for you….❤❤

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