Newsletter Launch!

Hi, Friends!!!

I did a thing, I launched my newsletter! It is something I have been meaning to do but it’s taken me a while to get it up and running.

Meredith, why are you telling us this? 

Because!! It’s super awesome and you want to subscribe to it!

I am not going to spam your inbox, as of right now this is a biweekly thing.

What’s inside?

It will feature updates about my life as well as the things I am into (think of my Loving Lately posts). Last week I shared my recommendations for a  podcast episode, movie, and a recipe!

Well, why would I want to subscribe?

Because! It will feature exclusive content that I will not feature on my site! You want this extra special top secret stuff!

So, how do I subscribe?

You can subscribe here! Or fill out the form below!

Subscribe to the Happily Harrison Newsletter!

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That’s all!! I sent out my first one, last week so expect the newsletter in your inbox next week!

Anything you want me to share in my newsletter? Drop me a note in the comments!