How to Have a Calmer and Happier Morning

For the past few months, I have been trying to train myself to become a “morning person”. Below are my tips for a calmer and happier morning.

While I like sleeping in and hitting snooze…I love not being rushed in the morning and being able to actually wake up before dashing out the door. I purposely set my alarm on Saturday and Sunday mornings so I can have some time to just drink my coffee and watch parks and rec before diving into the day.

I have compiled a list of my best tips and tricks for a calmer and happier morning. While these aren’t things I have mastered, (I still hit snooze from time to time) these have made my mornings go much more smoothly and peacefully than before.

  1. Make your breakfast ahead of time.  I hate making a mess in the kitchen before running out the door and preparing something to eat always took longer than I anticipated. I like to make my breakfasts for the week on Sunday nights so I only have to do it once. I take my breakfast with me and eat it at work– I like to eat while I’m checking my emails. I typically prepare oatmeal for the week and bring some fruit with me. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll bring portable food like granola bars.
  2. Over budget your time. Do you know you can get ready in 30 minutes if you rush? Allow yourself 45 minutes to get ready so you don’t have to rush! Obvious? Yes, but hardly anyone does this. We all think those 15 extra minutes will make a difference, but for me, they don’t. I would rather be able to take my time in the morning than lay in bed for a little bit longer. Seriously, Jeff makes fun of me because he thinks I just walk around the apartment in the morning but it’s therapeutic for me.
  3. Pack your lunch the night before. Same reasoning as number 1. When I don’t do this I kick myself. It takes forever and I make a mess. Suck it up and make your lunch ahead of time.
  4. Avoid checking emails/social media. I am still working on this one. While scrolling through Instagram can be fun to do first thing in the morning, it is a real time sucker for me. 15 minutes will go by before I realize what I have done! If I was real extra I would tell you to start your day with intention by journaling but no, I can’t tell you to do that because I can’t have real thoughts for the first 30 minutes of being awake. If that’s your thing, more power to you. You do you girl.
  5. List what you want to get done that day and tackle the big things first. I love crossing things off my to-do list. I especially love crossing things off that I have been avoiding. Lessen your stress and feel like a boss by accomplishing the biggest tasks of your day early in the morning. You will be starting your day off on a productive note!

Those are my tips for a calmer and happier morning. What do you do to start your day off on a positive note? Leave me a note in the comments!

2 thoughts on “How to Have a Calmer and Happier Morning

  1. Love this! You know I have to have an hour of coffee before I think about anything else, but making breakfast and lunch before helps so much to ease my mind and enjoy my coffee time 🙂

    1. Oh yes, coffee time is essential! Today was a rough morning—I was not following my own advice and snoozed the alarm 3 times. My morning was not calm or happy!!! Must remember to take my own advice and get up right away 🙂

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