Increase Productivity and Lessen Stress in 5 Ways

5 ways to decrease stress and increase productivity

As a teacher consultant/resource room teacher I have many responsibilities to keep track of throughout the course of a day/week. Between seeing my caseload of students, checking in with teachers, meeting with parents, and completing paperwork it’s hard to stay on top of everything! I have identified some fool proof ways to lessen stress and increase productivity!

  1. Write it down! If I don’t write it down, I will not remember it. Someone will start talking to me or a student will ask me a question and it will be gone. I go back and forth between paper to do lists and electronic ones. Find what works best for you and stick to it, I like the stickies application for my desktop.  I recommend checking out Evernote and Google Keep for those who like to keep things digital.
  2. Prioritize – figure out what needs to be done immediately, today, this week, or later. Then conquer the most pressing things first! I find it helpful to conquer tasks in order of urgency.
  3. Handle one task at a time! As a woman, I feel that it is in my genetics to try to multi-task at all times. While I may be able to talk to a student, answer an email, and look over lesson plans all at the same time it doesn’t ensure quality work. Sticking with one task at a time allows me to increase productivity. I have to fight my nature to hop from task to task every five minutes but I find that when I stick to one assignment until it’s done, my work is completed efficiently and successfully.
  4. Reward yourself with breaks. When I have a huge to do list and never ending paperwork to complete I like to reward myself for staying focused and completing tasks.  Sometimes I will set a timer for myself for how long I want to work (do what works for you, I usually do about 15 minutes) after completing this I will reward myself with 3-5 minutes of pinterest time, instagram scrolling, twitter updating, etc. Having the little break to look forward to keeps me motivated to work for the duration of the set time.
  5. Utilize “do not disturb” on your phone. This has been a huge one for me this year! I found myself constantly being distracted by the lighting up or vibrating of my phone. Every time I received an instagram notification or text message I was instantly drawn away from my work and sucked into my phone. Using “do not disturb” allows me to control when I see these notifications and to remain focused at work. I leave this on typically all day and I have seen a huge improvement in my focus and productivity.

Those are my five ways to increase productivity. I would love to hear how you get more done. Leave me a note in the comments 🙂