Easy Vegan Pizza at Home

When I decided to embark on my plant-based eating adventure I knew that I was going to have to figure out how to still be able to enjoy the foods I love. Pizza is one of my favorite foods to make and consume. I knew that I could come up with a way to enjoy it in a plant friendly way. I embarked on a journey to  develop a recipe for easy vegan pizza I could enjoy at home.

  1. Start with your crust: I  have just been purchasing pre-made crust because ain’t nobody got time for that  but you can definitely make your own. I brush my crust with olive oil before baking.
  2. Sauce! Some pre-made crusts will come with sauce but if this is not the case I buy a can of tomato sauce. After spreading the sauce onto the crust I like to sprinkle the pizza with rosemary and thyme.
  3. Toppings! Saute your veggies: I saute mine in coconut oil and season with salt and pepper. Some of my favorites are sweet potato, mushrooms, peppers, onions (always), and garlic. Right before putting my veggies on the pizza I pour a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar into the pan with the veggies-this takes your pizza to another level TRUST ME.
  4. Spread your toppings. I then sprinkle with red pepper flakes and pop it in the oven.
  5. Bake and enjoy! I follow the directions with my pre-made crust.
  6. I like to sprinkle my pizza with nutritional yeast and Jeff usually sprinkles parmesan on his!
  7. Instagram and Snap Chat that ‘za

My favorite spots for vegan pizza are Blaze Pizza and Bigalora in Ann Arbor.  I have yet to order from larger chains but you always order a pizza minus the cheese.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for vegan pizza! Drop me a note in the comments 🙂

xo, Meredith

2 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Pizza at Home

  1. Hey sweet girl, your pizza looks awesome, I’m drooling. Have one question, does the vinegar you sprinkle on, will it cut thru some of the strong tomato taste, because I don’t like all the acid in the sauce. I’m gonna try this….I’m so proud of you….love you❤️❤️

    1. Hi MomMom,

      I think it does! A recipe I before also had you sprinkle like a teaspoon of sugar on the veggies with the balsamic to help with the caramelization. Hope that helps!

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