Why Happily Harrison?

© Emily Dykema // www.emilydykema.comI have always enjoyed journaling and documenting major events/milestones in my life. I found writing down how I was feeling or what I was up to was therapeutic. I could express all of my dark and twisty emotions inside the pages of my journal instead of lashing out at family and/or friends. Reading through the entries I wrote between the years of 2008-2013 is truly horrifying and I will surely die of embarrassment if anyone  reads what I wrote about my high school crushes or the diagrams I drew to show how I was going to pass my driving test.

While journaling is still something I enjoy doing I feel that it isn’t always the best record for the events of my life. As I (almost) enter my 26th year of life, I find myself disappointed that I have taken few pictures and written down few moments in my life over the years.

I feel that I am remembering less and less and that makes me sad. I want to be able to look back at years of my life and see pictures of trips I took. I want to relive memories of weekends spent with friends and family.

So why “Happily Harrison?”

I’m so glad you asked!!!

“Happily Harrison” was our wedding hashtag and I feel that it effectively represents this stage of life I am in. I’m currently navigating a new lifestyle as a married woman, and while it’s new and unfamiliar… I am happy about it.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to read and write more. While the reading thing was easy for me to do (not to brag but I am a frequent visitor of the Ann Arbor library) writing has always been more difficult.

1) It takes time. I require at least 2 hours a night to lay on the couch/scroll on my phone/watch netflix/read books and writing is going to cut into that.

2) Putting your thoughts/feelings in public is intimidating. I know I am a teacher but seriously I don’t know how to use a comma. I’m not kidding. Where do you put it? Why don’t you just form two sentences? When do you use the semicolon? If you can help with any of this–let me know!

So I decided to put the excuses aside and create this blog. I’m trying to stretch myself more and this seems like a good place to start.

I haven’t officially decided what this blog will be about but I have not ruled anything out either. Will there be food? Hope so! Anything worth doing includes food. Will there be travel? Yes! Will there be books? Of course!

I’m open to anything and everything and I hope you take a peek from time to time to see what I’m up to.

xo, Meredith